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  1. Why did Christ found the Church?

  2. According to John 17, what will attract “the world” to the Church?

  3. What are the three primary divisions within Christianity today?

  4. Although there are divisions within Christianity, how many actual churches are there?

  5. What core doctrines do all Christians share?

  6. Why should Christians care about unity?

  7. Who is responsible for divisions among the followers of Christ?

  8. In what body does the One Church of Christ subsist?

  9. Are elements of sanctification and truth found only within the visible confines of the Catholic Church?

  10. What relationship exists between Christian unity and the proclamation of the Gospel?

  11. How will unity enrich the Catholic Church?

  12. What do all Christians, including Catholics, need in order to improve?

  13. What work do Catholics need to do in regard to our separated brethren?

  14. What is the job of Catholics who engage in ecumenical dialogue?

  15. Is common worship a normal means of ecumenism?

  16. What ministry is necessary for unity to be reestablished?

  17. Critical Thinking: Write a short essay on which of the ten guiding principles of ecumenism you think will be the most important and why.

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