*** *** *** The Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker was instituted in 1955 by Pope Pius XII and is celebrated on May 1, which corresponds to the day labor is honored in many countries.

~ Saint Joseph, carpenter and foster father of Jesus, is an exemplary model for us. All human labor can be sanctified, which in turn can sanctify oneself and others, making each of the faithful a participant in Christ’s work of redemption. ~ “O God, Creator of all things, who laid down for the human race […]

*** *** *** Saint Pius V (1504– 1572) was one of the most notable popes of the sixteenth century. A principal leader of the Catholic Reformation, he enforced the decrees of the historic Council of Trent.

~ The pontiff lived an ascetic lifestyle, and expected others in the papal court to also live a simpler life, which did not gain him favor. Instead of partaking in extravagant luxuries, which were the norm, he used resources to help provide food for the hungry. Saint Pius V published the Roman Catechism, revised the […]

*** *** *** thirty pieces of silver…

Spy Wednesday marks the day when Jesus was betrayed by Judas, the spy for the chief priests. ~ “Then one of the twelve, who was called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, ‘What will you give me if I deliver him to you?’ And they paid him thirty pieces of silver. And […]

Although exact dates of the events in St. Patrick’s life are uncertain, early tradition credits the popular saint with converting a largely pagan society in Ireland to Christianity during the fifth century. Born in Roman Britain, when he was about 16, St. Patrick was captured by pirates and brought to Ireland. He would spend six years in captivity as a slave before escaping and returning to his homeland. When back home he studied for the priesthood and would later be ordained a bishop before heading back to Ireland. His mission was to convert the land to Christianity and build churches across the country. St. Patrick wrote in his surviving work “Confession” that his time spent in captivity greatly influenced his spiritual growth and strengthened his prayer life.

~ “O God, who chose the Bishop Saint Patrick to preach your glory to the peoples of Ireland, grant, through his merits and intercession, that those who glory in the name of Christian may never cease to proclaim your wondrous deeds to all. Through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ from the Proper of Saints, Daily […]

St. John of God (1495– 1550) was a farmer and soldier, before having a profound conversion experience at the age of forty. Reflecting on his life he vowed to follow the word of God and from then on lived at the service of the sick in Granada, Spain. Behind John’s outward acts of concern and love for the sick and the poor was a deep interior prayer life and spirit of humility. He founded what would become known as the Order of Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God, a congregation devoted to the infirm.

~ “O God, who filled Saint John of God with a spirit of compassion, grant, we pray, that, giving ourselves to works of charity, we may merit to be found among the elect in your Kingdom. Through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ from the Proper of Saints, Daily Roman Missal

St. Katharine was the founder of the congregation of missionary nuns, dedicated to the welfare of American Indians and African Americans, now named Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Born into a wealthy family in 1858, St. Katharine was greatly influenced by seeing her parents practice charity from their own home, distributing food, clothing, and money to the poor. She would devote her life to the impoverished, taking a special interest in the material and spiritual well-being of African Americans and Native Americans. In 1915, she founded Xavier University in New Orleans, along with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. At the time of her death, St. Katharine had used a large amount of her inheritance for her charitable and apostolic missions.

~ “God of love, you called Saint Katharine Drexel to teach the message of the Gospel and to bring the life of the Eucharist to the Native American and African American peoples; by her prayers and example, enable us to work for justice among the poor and the oppressed, and keep us undivided in love […]