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— Martyred around 203, St. Irenaeus is considered one of the first great Church theologians and his important work went beyond the refutation of heresy. His system of theology includes the principle of apostolic succession and Mary’s role in the history of salvation. Some fragments of his writings have survived and are studied today for […]

*** *** *** “John the Baptist is ‘more than a prophet.’ In him, the Holy Spirit concludes his speaking through the prophets… John ‘came to bear witness to the light.’ In John’s sight, the Spirit thus brings to completion the careful search of the prophets and fulfills the longing of the angels.” (CCC 719)

— We honor the birth of St. John the Baptist with the highest order of liturgical feast. As the Forerunner of the Savior, St. John prepared the way for Jesus, instructing his followers to turn and follow the “Lamb of God.”

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— St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1568-1591) was born into Italian aristocracy. At a young age he signed away his claim to his title and family wealth and entered the Society of Jesus. He died as a result of caring for the those stricken with the plague in the 1591 outbreak. St. Aloysius was canonized in 1726 […]

*** *** *** Born in Ravenna to a family of nobility, St. Romuald (d. 1027) grew up in a lavish environment. Yet, a particular life experience would prompt his journey to monasticism. St. Romuald founded the Camaldolese Order; a combination of hermit life and an austere form of community. He helped to establish and reform many monasteries, reviving the practice of hermit life to allow for more solitude.

— from St. Romuald’s Brief Rule: “Sit in your cell as in paradise; put the whole world behind you and forget it; like a skilled angler on the lookout for a catch keep a careful eye on your thoughts. The path you follow is in the psalms — don’t leave it. If you’ve come with […]

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— Teresa of Ávila was a Carmelite nun, Spanish mystic, and Doctor of the Church. She authored many prominent works on Christian mysticism, including The Interior Castle, and The Way of Perfection. — The idea of living a simple, purposeful life and that material possessions are not essential for true happiness goes back to ancient […]