St. Katharine was the founder of the congregation of missionary nuns, dedicated to the welfare of American Indians and African Americans, now named Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. Born into a wealthy family in 1858, St. Katharine was greatly influenced by seeing her parents practice charity from their own home, distributing food, clothing, and money to the poor. She would devote her life to the impoverished, taking a special interest in the material and spiritual well-being of African Americans and Native Americans. In 1915, she founded Xavier University in New Orleans, along with the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. At the time of her death, St. Katharine had used a large amount of her inheritance for her charitable and apostolic missions.

~ “God of love, you called Saint Katharine Drexel to teach the message of the Gospel and to bring the life of the Eucharist to the Native American and African American peoples; by her prayers and example, enable us to work for justice among the poor and the oppressed, and keep us undivided in love in the eucharistic community of your Church. Through our Lord Jesus Christ.”
~ from the Proper of Saints, Daily Roman Missal