*** *** *** “Cheerfulness strengthens the heart and helps us to persevere. A servant of God ought always to be in good spirits. Charity and cheerfulness, or charity and humility, should be our motto.” (St. Philip Neri)

— So much to say about this influential saint:
*Founder of the ‘Congregation of the Oratory’ and ‘Confraternity of the Most Holy Trinity’
*Pursued philosophical and theological studies with the Augustinians
*Mission work in Rome for nearly 17 years, before being ordained
*Engaging and cheerful nature; conversed with people of all ages/societal levels
*Brought people together for prayer, sermons, and music
*Helped others to find or rediscover their faith in Christ
*Trusted advisor of Popes and Cardinals
*Mystical experience profoundly affected his interior life