Born in 1458, St. Casimir was the son of King Casimir IV and Queen Elizabeth, monarchs of Poland and Lithuania. In contrast to other members of the royal court, St. Casimir preferred a life of asceticism and prayer. He was educated by Fr. John Dlugosz, the historian and diplomat whose deep piety and political expertise would greatly influence Casimir in his upbringing. Known for his material charity to the poor, St. Casimir was a compassionate young man with great devotion and love for the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

~ In 1984, at the 500th anniversary commemorating St. Casimir’s death, St. John Paul II said, “His life of purity and prayer beckons you to practise your faith with courage and zeal, to reject the deceptive attractions of modern permissive society, and to live your convictions with fearless confidence and joy.”